Denver Pine

Denver furniture is unique in every way. Not only is each piece constructed lovingly by hand but it also hand finished to replicate the look of aged wood. You will find fixing marks, cuts, joints replicated to add character are captured within each new piece of furniture. The finish is created by applying colouring and shading by hand followed by several coats of mellowed lacquer to build a rich patina. Denver is hand crafted so no two pieces are ever identical, a hallmark of our “craftsman” collection.

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  • Denver Pine 2 Drawer Bedside
    £79.99 more
  • Denver Pine 4 Drawer Chest
    £199.99 more
  • Denver Pine Dining Chair
    £49.99 more
  • Denver Pine Dining Table
    £179.99 more
  • Denver Pine Ladies Wardrobe
    £259.99 more
  • Denver Pine Lamp Table
    £109.99 more